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The Freeloader Child Carrier

Coral Reef


The Freeloader is the first child carrier built specifically for toddlers & small children, allowing families to enjoy adventures together. The light, unique design & 5 point safety harness allow parents to rest their arms, children to rest their legs, and for families to safely go further than they have ever gone together - whether that's a short trip to the zoo or a long trek to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro ('s been there, too). Minimum age: 2.5 years. Carrying capacity: 80 lbs (32.6 kg) 

Return Policy:

Try the Freeloader Carrier on for size. Don't like it? Return it with our 30 day money-back guarantee. 10% restocking fee applies. 

As Seen On:

As Seen on ABC's Shark Tank, Good Morning America, NBC, The Outdoor Channel, The Statesman, Amazon, and many family blogs across the nation.

Product Specs & Features

Product weight: 5.8 lbs.

Carrying capacity: 25-80 lbs.

Minimum Age: 2 ½ years

Standing height: 33"-50" tall

• Stirrups for foot support on every carrier

• Wide ergonomic shoulder & waist straps for comfort

• Evenly distributes child's weight to the carrier's body's hips and core

• Open back design helps maximize airflow to keep the back cool and dry

• Padded back panel for comfort

• Seat offers extended comfort for your child

• Easy-to-use, 5-point child safety harness secures out of reach of your child

• Meets or exceeds all CPSC standards

• Adjustable, contoured shoulder straps with padding for comfort

• Lead-free and phthalate-free nylon materials

• Lightweight, strong and portable

• Travel-friendly: Suitable for carry-on in airplanes 

• Kid-tested, parent-approved 

ORIGINAL DESIGN – Produced by The Freeloader Child Carrier Co. in US, this child carrier is specially designed with safety and ergonomics in mind. Carrying capacity is 25-80 lbs and 2 ½ years minimum age.

NEW BUCKLE SYSTEM – The toddler backpack carrier uses a new unique buckle system. Besides the ergonomic waist and seat, it is designed with an ergonomic shoulder and waist straps to evenly distribute your child's weight to your hips and core. Comes with new stirrup solutions for foot support.

EASY TO USE & SECURE – No complicated shapes, parts and straps. The child carrier is extremely easy-to-use and features a 5-point child safety harness. Buckle up and use the carrier stress free!

MEETS OR EXCEEDS ALL CPSC STANDARDS – It is produced from durable, sturdy, lead-free and phthalate-free nylon materials. It’s extremely secure and meets or exceeds all CPSC standards.

VERSATILE & PORTABLE – It’s versatile, you can use it in the park, on walks, in the museum, on hikes, with air travel or any other outdoor activity. It is lightweight, strong and portable.

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Ask a Question
  • Hi Is the back strap/clip (on the child harness) adjustable to slide down to be positioned mid back/torso for example instead of up by the shoulders- I'm scared my child with low tone would "slump" out of it and fall off. Thanks

    Yes - the back horizontal strap has the ability to slide up and down depending on the need and height of the child.  Thanks for your question!

  • My grandson has quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy everything is so expensive for him is there any discount for this my husband would like to go for walks with Jackson and me but he is 5 years old and we are senior citizens on a fixed income

    Thank you for sharing your story with us and thank you for reaching out.  We have been overwhelmed by families like yours.  Please email our Customer Service department and they will take care of you:

  • My son has cerebral palsy and is getting a bit heavy (~50 lbs) for riding on my shoulders. What are the "special needs discounts" your site says to ask about?

    Please email us at and we can discuss the discount!

  • What is the difference between the small medium and large?

    The sizes are based on the length of the wearer's torso. To get an optimum fit and get the most comfort from your Freeloader Carrier, measure your spine using our size guide. (Look for a teal button on this page titled "Size Guide" or visit this link:

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Billy S.
United States United States

Mission Trip Blessing

Purchased to give to a young mother in Jamaica to assist with her 9 year old son with Muscular Dystrophy. She used to carry him on her back everywhere, but now with the Freeloader she is hands free. We gave it to her and her son said the first time strapped in, “My hands are free!” I witnessed him and his mother able to drink water as they walked home from the church one afternoon. She said this carrier has completely changed her life. Thank you so much and may God Bless you!

Drew Domino

25 miles on the PCT

This carrier is a game changer. My wife and I always spent time hiking and camping before having kids. We have tried to keep going outdoors with the little monster running about but didn't think the equipment allowed for it. Then we found the Freeloader. It is comfortable and fits comfortably like my hiking pack. My wife and I are working our way down the PCT on the California section. We just pulled off a 25 mile, single day hike with our toddler, Cash. Which feels like an incredible accomplishment. I have emailed the company and am hoping they come out with a few more attachments in the near future. Best purchase of 2019 so far.


Great Product

We have a special needs child that is now 55lbs and too big for most backpack carriers. We were amazed that he actually wanted to get in the freeloader. It worked great - we used it hiking all over Yellowstone which we never would have been able to do without it. There are plenty of adjustments to get it fitting just right and it is very well made. It holds the child securely as long as you adjust and tighten the midstrap across the childs sholder straps. I would definitely recommend the freeloader to anyone needing a high quality backpack carrier.

Jennifer M.
United States United States

Loved it, it's a lifesaver, got to use it once and my older kids lost it at the Denver Airport!!!

We have a 60# 4 year old and were a little skeptical, but this carrier definitely did the job! We hiked up Glacier Point to Avalance Lake this carrier was a amazing! Our 4 year old never takes a nap, but was so worn out from all the walking she did that she even fell asleep in it! Worth every penny!!! On the down side, one of my older children forgot to grab the freeloader sometime after we went through security and right before we got on our plane. So unfortunately lost and found has still not found it and some else is probably enjoying now!

Christina S.
United States United States

It gets the job done.

I like the back pack. It definently helped with lugging along our very large (48lb) 3 year old up many steep trail parts in Norway. As advertised it's not ment for long term use, but it gets the job done, and the back pack itself is small and casual looking to wear on it's own. The only downfall are the straps. I felt that my son was completely secure but he could easily slip his arms out which could have been bad if he got fussy. Also, the straps did not look or feel comfortable to him. I think if they had more curvature around the neck and a supportive back!! for the child, it would be perfect. All in all good on the go back pack. Pricey, but they all are.

Size Chart

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