How do use After Pay?  The four payment, interest free way to buy a Freeloader.

It simple!  You just choose After Pay at check out.  Click here for a video on how to do it!


How do I put my child in the Freeloader?

It's easy! Two buckles, a couple cinch straps and you're done!

Click here for a video on how to buckle your child in safely.


How does one adult put a child in the Freeloader?

Funny you should ask!  We have a video showing just how easy it is to do it!  Click here to see the video.  



What is the warranty on the Freeloader?

The Freeloader has a 30 day no-questions-asked return policy. In addition, the Freeloader is warrantied against manufacturers defects for a period of one year from date of purchase. Damage caused by accident, misuse or being thrown over the edge at the Grand Canyon are not covered. Disassembly and reassembly of the internal frame will also void the warranty.  The 30-days starts from the order date of the carrier.  


Who pays import duties/taxes?  

Good question!  With all of the various countries with various rates we do not portend to know the rate of each individual country.  We let the individual countries around the world determine that. The good news is that we do not charge you for them!  Should your country charge you for import duties or taxes they will contact you when the Freeloader lands at customs in your country.  Bear in mind this infrequently does create a delay in shipment.  


Where can I get the Freeloader?

The Freeloader is available through our website to be shipped throughout the world! Just input your country and address at checkout!   


What is the age range for The Freeloader?

The Freeloader is recommended for children 2 ½ years and older. The child should be able to sit or stand upright unassisted. The child should have a standing height of 33-50 inches tall. The shoulder straps must sit at, or below the height of the child's shoulders while seated in The Freeloader.


How much does a Freeloader weigh?

5.8 lbs.


What are my color options?

Currently we offer three models of the Freeloader: Midnight Black, Coral Reef and Sunset Yellow. More colors will soon be available so we encourage you to sign up for our email updates so that we can tell you when new models become available? 

How do I know which size to order: small, medium or large?  

Click on the video here to see how to measure for the correct size.  Use this diagram to help you find your measurements: 



How do I fit and adjust my Freeloader Child Carrier?

Great question!  Please watch the video here prior to putting on your Freeloader for the first time!  It will help avoid some common mistakes.  

How much can the Freeloader carry?

The Freeloader is designed to comfortably carry children that weigh between 25 and 80 pounds.


What are the weight limits for the Freeloader?

The Freeloader is designed for children that weigh up to 80 lbs.


Does the Freeloader have a place for me to keep my keys?

The Freeloader offers extra pockets in the waist strap for cell phone, keys, wallet and even a small camera. Additional storage will be available as new accessories come online. Sign up today for our mailing list and get all the most recent product updates.


Does the Freeloader meet consumer regulations?

The Freeloader meets or exceeds all regulations in the USA and Canada.

Is the Freeloader in any way detrimental to my child's physical development?

Nope. Your child's physical development can only be positively affected by the extra time they get to spend outdoors in and out of our carrier. The Freeloader is designed to carry your child in a comfortable, natural position on your back.


Is there an option for foot support?  How long does it take to process an order once it has been placed?

Yes! Every Freeloader now includes stirrups.  They support your child's feet allowing for an even more restful ride.

How long does it take to process an order once it has been placed?

Normally the shipping process begins on the following business day.  We do our best to ensure all orders going out 1-2 business days after the order has been placed.  In the event you have an upcoming trip planned please email us and let us know!  We will do our best to work with you!!!

Do you offer a military discount?

Absolutely! 10% off everything. Just email us and we will send you the coupon code! contact@myfreeloader.com


Do backpacks increase back pain?  The Curious Situation in which backpacks can reduce spine loads-

..."and thus form one of our exercise-based therapy prescriptions.  A person who is flexion intolerant, and also has posterior discogenic back pain exacerbated by prolonged sitting, generally has difficulty standing up.  Upon standing, a forward torso angel (antalgic posture) remains.  If this person can tolerate compression, we prescribe wearing a backpack with about 10kg (22 lbs) placed low in the backpack (about the level of the lumbar spine [where the freeloader's load sits] and going for a walk over uneven ground.  Wearing the backpack generates torso extensor moment, bringing the toros into an upright posture.  This alleviates the spine extensors, which were previously contracted in the standing, but flexed, posture.  Given their larger moment arm, this reduces the compressive load upon the spine.  In fact, recent observations by Rohlmann and colleagues (2014) confirmed that carrying 9 kg (20 lb.) in a backpack did not increase the load on the lumbar spine of an older man, which was detected via an instrumented vertebral body replacement.  The compression reduction from the muscles shutting down is larger than the extra compression from the additional load in the pack, resulting in a net reduction in a total compression on the back.  Walking over uneven ground provides gentle motion to the lumbar spine, which is therapeutic to the type of discogenic person we are describing here.  Typically, although some have blamed backpacks as a source of back troubles, they can actually be used therapeutically."  

-Low Back Disorders by Stuart McGill, PhD.