Rainforest Preservation

Committed to Rainforest tribe and tree preservation.

We here at the Freeloader Co. are committed to giving back.  Not just to our local causes (primarily music, mobility & parks) but on a global scale as well.  An issue we hold dear and think vital is that of the Amazon Rainforest.  We feel the protection of the last remaining uncontacted and partially contacted tribes is critical to the wellbeing of all humanity.  Further, it is clear to us that the preservation and appreciation of the Amazon Rainforest as a living, breathing, organism is vital to help offset some of the drastic effects of climate change.  We commit to giving 1% off all profits to organizations that help support these ends.  Additionally, we encourage all of you beautiful people to educate yourself about these issues so that you can join us & stand up, give back but never back down. 


Here is a partial list of the non-profits we donate to:

Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch fights the destruction of the Amazon, supports Indigenous rights, and finds climate justice solutions. 

It also happens to be Lil Nas X’s charity of choice for saving the Amazon. 

Amazon Conservation Team

Amazon Conservation Team works hand-in-hand with Indigenous leaders to ensure the long-term welfare of the Amazon Rainforest. 

Amazon Conservation Association

Amazon Conservation Association has trained hundreds of conservationists who work to support the restoration of the Amazon Rainforest and sustainable Indigenous-led economies. The organization has planted more than 275,000 trees to date. 

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Survival International 

There is no protecting the Amazon without Indigenous communities leading the way. Survival International recognizes this imperative and works to amplify the voices of Indigenous leaders.

International Working Group for Indigenous Affairs 

The International Working Group for Indigenous Affairs focuses on protecting Indigenous cultures, which always includes an environment-first approach. 

Rainforest Action Network

The Rainforest Action Network “preserves forests, protects the climate, and upholds human rights by challenging corporate power and systemic injustice through frontline partnerships and strategic campaigns.”

Rainforest Trust

The Rainforest Trust has saved more than 23 million acres of the Amazon Rainforest since 1988 by funding projects that restore and protect ecosystems.