The Freeloader in The News

Shark Tank

The Freeloader was pitched on the reality TV show, Shark Tank Episode 503


Austin Business Journal

The Freeloader and its creators were featured in an article in Austin Business Journal where they discuss the obstacles and victories of their successful crowdfunding project.


Austin News KXAN

The Freeloader was featured on KXAN and was demonstrated in this clip.


The Statesman

The Freeloader was featured in this article by The Statesman detailing their journey from idea conception through the first available prototypes.

Gazette Review

The Freeloader and an update on what happened after the pitch on Shark Tank.



    The Freeloader was aptly described in this blog post by the Austin Tricyclists.

    Wandering Wagars

    The Wandering Wagars provided an excellent and thorough review of The Freeloader in this blog article.


    The Review Stew

    The Review Stew wrote up a wonderful review with photos and notes from their personal experience with The Freeloader.

    Knorpp and South

    Knorpp and South demonstrated their Freeloader in this episode. They were excited to find our portable carriers to use for their full time travels with 9 children.


    The Helpful Hiker

    The Helpful Hiker provided a review of The Freeloader after taking it for a test drive with their toddler who was outgrowing their old baby carrier.


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